It has been my mission to aid and comfort as many people as possible through the gift I was given.
My personal commitment to spiritual humanitarianservices is foremost in my life.
~Glenn Dove

Who is Glenn Dove


Glenn Dove was born October 29, 1955 in Astoria, New York. After a minor operation, Glenn had his first vision at the age of 4. At that time, future events that would take place in his family were revealed to him. At age 7, the sudden death of his grandfather led to the first of numerous spiritual encounters with him. Shortly thereafter, Glenn's parents sought out a psychic, who informed them during their session that their son would one day work in this field. Meanwhile, his grandfather continued to visit from time to time and further imparted information on events to come. Concurrent to this, Glenn began devouring research books on psychic abilities and spirituality and, through this intensive study, further honed his craft. "My mother had various books in her personal library, purchased when she had joined the Edgar Casey/A.R.E. Foundation back in the 1950's, which I had at my ready disposal."
Initially, Glenn successfully pursued a career in the music business, as music has always been a passion in his life. However, shortly after the release of his first album, a close friend was killed in a tragic accident. Upon visiting a psychic medium and subsequently an astrologer, both confirmed that Glenn would soon work in this vocation. He remembers thinking incredulously, "Who would do that for a living?” In spite of the release of another album and the steady rise of his music career, people began to regularly seek him out for spiritual advice and readings. 
In time, Glenn found himself more and more fulfilled by helping others through his gift. Although music was and still is an important part of his life, his natural calling as a psychic/medium became his life's mission. Over 35 years as a full-time psychic/medium and tens of thousands of readings later, the scope and fervency of Glenn’s work both continue to grow. He primarily works out of his office at the Healing Grotto in Bellmore, New York, where he conducts psychic readings, hypnosis, private and group past life regressions, group meditations, and spiritual lectures.


In a private psychic/medium reading, Glenn typically makes contact with friends, relatives, and/or other loved ones who have crossed over and relays any messages they may have for the client. After the reading, Glenn produces a numerology chart for the client to evaluate and discuss the client’s forthcoming numerological cycles and how they may relate to the information presented during the reading. At the end of the session, Glenn provides a CD recording of the entire reading and discussion for the client to take with them.

For clients who are unable to travel to Glenn’s office for an in-person reading, Glenn offers telephone readings. Telephone readings are given in the same format as the in-person readings described above.

Glenn is a certified hypnotherapist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists 
as well as the Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Hypnosis is a method used to calm the mind, clear inhibitions, and promote constructive concentration. 
It can be used for many purposes, some of the most common being to reduce stress and anxiety, 
to improve focus, or to break a bad habit such as smoking. Clients most often book hypnosis sessions 
with Glenn for one of these purposes or for a past life regression. In a past life regression, 
Glenn brings the client into a meditative state of hypnosis, where he can then guide them through their past lives and incarnations to discover lessons or connections applicable to this life.

Glenn presently offers past life regressions and guided meditation sessions in a group format, ranging from 10 to 20 people per group, which are held in the therapeutic Himalayan salt cave adjacent to his office at the Healing Grotto in Bellmore, New York.

Glenn regularly gives lectures in the Himalayan salt cave at the Healing Grotto and as a guest speaker at various events around Long Island and New York, with topics ranging from crossing over and life on the other side to self-realization and practical applications of spirituality to daily living.

For more information on any of these services and/or to book an appointment with Glenn, 
please call the office at (516) 223-2567.


1762 Newbridge Road • Bellmore • NY • 11710


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